Exercises and New Music for Covid Band Instruction

In an effort to provide music materials suitable for virtual learning and classes with variable instrumentation, a consortium is forming to commission 8 total works (2-4 mins duration each) and 2 full fundamentals programs for flexible instrumentation winds and percussion at the Middle School (4 works) and the High School level (4 works) for delivery August-October 2020.

Inspire Students

Keep your students on track

Progressive Materials

Our materials will allow you to get your students back on track, even virtually or in small mixed group instruction. Start with basic skills and challenge them to work ahead into more difficult techniques.

Pedagogically Informed

Exercises and newly composed works to feature techniques related to each grade level. Focused on tone production, tuning, and instrument specific skills; we also build challenging musical motives (e.g. dotted 8th/16th's, etc.) into the exercises and new works.


The highest quality cinematic backing tracks are built to inspire student practice and recording. Your students can still have a blast performing, even virtually.

Make Music Now

Built for The Changing Times

Built for specifically for “Virtual/Online Learning,” materials will be all digital including pdf’s to be shared within your program, smart music files, and highly realistic, film score style accompaniment tracks at multiple tempi, that can be used in online assignments, in virtual live classes, and as live performance tracks.
Works to be composed with current trends in instrumental pedagogy in mind; including development of tone, phrasing, style, and musical devices specific to each grade level. Once musical works are delivered, consortium members have full access to all materials and performance rights indefinitely.

What is included?

We're including a lot of well-rounded materials to act as your "Covid Curriculum."

Vintage Sheet Music

Fundamentals Programs

Over 35 exercises including:

Breathing, Buzzing, Long tones, Flow Studies, Flexibility, Rhythm Studies, Articulation, Style Etudes, Major Scales and Patterns.

musical instruments in wooden background

Harmonic Studies and Chorales

Chord/tuning Progressions in several keys and Chorales created from melodies by Holst, Mahler, and others.

Woman hands playing music notes on dark background, music concept

Newly Composed Works

4 New Works for both MS and HS ensembles constructed around pedagogical concepts and fit for the modern wind band repertoire. Orchestrated in 3-5 flexible/adaptable parts based on grade level and can be performed in the chamber and full ensemble settings.

video editting timeline

All Digital Materials

PDF Scores/Parts, Backing tracks for ALL materials, Smart Music Files, etc. Everything you need to properly develop your musicians virtually or live rehearsals. Students can use materials to record themselves and collaborate via video. Run virtual rehearsals with high quality tracks instead of the metronome.

Sample Scores

Consortium Packages

Middle School Grade 1-2 Level

Full Fundamentals Program - Delivery Aug. 15th

Harmony Studies and Chorales Packet - Delivery Aug. 15th

Piece #1 - Grade 1 - Delivery Sept. 1st

Piece #2 - Grade 1 - Delivery Sept. 15th

Piece #3 - Grade 1.5 - Delivery Oct. 1st

Piece #4 - Grade 2 - Delivery Oct. 15th

300 Total
High School Grade 3+ Level

Full Fundamentals Program - Delivery Aug. 15th

Harmony Studies and Chorales Packet - Delivery Aug. 15th

Piece #1 - Grade 2.5 - Delivery Sept. 1st

Piece #2 - Grade 3 - Delivery Sept. 15th

Piece #3 - Grade 3 - Delivery Oct. 1st

Piece #4 - Grade 4 - Delivery Oct. 15th

300 Total

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