Commission a New Piece of Music for Your Ensemble

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Why commission?

Commissioning a new piece of music is a greatly rewarding and exciting process in which the director and students get to take part in the creation of a new work.

The process is simple and can be very affordable. Every music program, regardless of size and budget, should take part in creating a new piece in some way.

  • Supporting new music is a way to keep our art alive and well.
  • Honor or memorialize a special person.
  • For the opening of a new hall, sanctuary or auditorium.
  • To provide a new piece as the central focus of an experience or special concert such as The Midwest Clinic.
  • To create an Alma Mater or song that’s unique to your community.
  • Because there’s just not enough good music out there.


Work directly with a composer.


Create something new that is special to your students and community.


Help shape a work that focuses on your students' pedagogical goals and makes them sound great.


A truly remarkable experience for students, administrations, and your community; the composer can travel in to be a part of the premiere.

Is It Affordable?

Rates depend on many different factors, such as the type of piece you envision, the instrumentation, the duration, and the level of difficulty. We will work with you to create a work that fits your budget and needs.

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Industry Rates

New Music USA has compiled an industry-standard fee chart here.

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Our Rates

We price things much more affordably to meet the needs of a wide range of music programs. Chamber $100+ Large Ensemble $500+

Funding Assistance

Patrons or Businesses can underwrite a commission Fees can be shared by two or more parties as a consortium

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We can Help!

If you've got the passion, we can find a way. Don't let funding prevent an amazing experience!

Wanna Chat About a New Work?

We're always excited to get started on new projects!