Winterguard Soundtracks

We Offer Numerous Services to Fulfill Your Soundtrack Needs

We don't just cut and splice. We create a seamlessly composed show from start to finish.

We use the highest quality sound libraries and effects to craft a track that will provide the perfect setting for your production.

Enhance or lengthen an existing track

  • Create orchestral or synthetic soundscapes for introductions, transitions, and exits.
  • Edit, splice, layer existing tracks, alter tempo, volume, etc.
  • Professional voiceovers/narration.
  • Overlay extra sounds on existing tracks to change mood/feel.

Fully Composed music when needed

  • Intros, outros, transitions, full sections, or even the entire soundtrack.
  • Any Genre: Classical, Film Score, Choral, Opera, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Funk, Pop, EDM, etc.
  • Any Sound: Piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths from all eras, percussion, vocals with lyrics, sound effects, etc.
  • Overlay extra sounds on existing tracks to change mood/feel.

Compose to the Visual Design

  • Create new music based on an existing count structor for visual design.
  • coordinate music timing with visual plan (i.e. match chime sound with rifle toss, etc.)
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Come to us with your notes, ideas, and files.

The art of dance


We work directly with you to develop your ideas.

16 Benjamin Hylton Branding Folio [Copyright David C. Lewetag II]

Writing Process

Taking all your ideas into account, we craft your track.

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Pricing varies depending on timeline, complexity of work, and hours; generally ranging $300-600.

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