The Big Picture

Regardless of season, placement, or performance, we all strive to create moments that people will remember through shows and performances that our students truly enjoy! By collaborating with directors and staff members, I strive to make each and every show unique, memorable, and effective to bring your unique vision to life. From indoor ensembles and outdoor marching bands, to international groups and stage performances, big pictures and big ideas are the cornerstone to my writing style as I strive to bring an intriguing and balanced look to your performance space! To see more of my work, click on any of the videos shown here, or view some of my sample drill below. For additional information about my drill writing process, please send an email to [email protected].

Pen to Paper

All of Full Spectrum’s visual designs are created using Pyware 3D drill writing software to create the most realistic 3D viewing experience possible. Using this software; directors, students, and staff members are able to preview a detailed and realistic animated version of their show before learning the first page of drill. From custom painted floors and backdrops to body choreography and guard work, the mission is to implement as many visual elements into each design package as possible in an effort to provide you with the most realistic learning tool available. With each movement of drill, you will receive a full-color set of drill charts, a set of coordinate sheets, as well as a 3D animated video of the full production. The world of pageantry has come a long way from handwritten drill sets on a piece of graph paper, and the learning tools I provide make it easier than ever to produce a show before putting it on the field.

Start to Finish

Putting together a marching production can be a huge undertaking for any marching ensemble. That's why Full Spectrum Drill Design offers various services to help you with the process! I work closely with my clients from start to finish offering design advice and feedback throughout the competitive season. In addition, I also work with several of my clients as a clinician to help establish visual programs and marching technique regiments. If you are interested in any of these additional services, or if you have questions about setting up a clinic for your program, please send an email to [email protected] or submit your information using the contact page!

Sample Drill

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