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Commission a New Show to Fit Your Specifications

Designed with effect in mind

Our team offers full or partial show design.


Conceptual Design

Intriguing coordination and detailed storylines can bring your music and visual design to life.


Imaginative and transparent orchestrations that feature your ensemble's strengths while addressing adjudication criteria.


Front Ensemble

Mallet and percussion writing that includes the front ensemble as an integral of the musical design.



We create high quality samples and cues to fit your audio setup. Electronic design is completely integrated into the music writing process for cohesion and general effect.



If voice over work is needed to bring your storyline to life, we can record in house or outsource for a specific voice type.



Showcase your drumline's strengths to match your UIL or BOA competitive goals.

Our Clients are Our First Priority

Ben Hylton’s fresh approach to design, repertoire, and electronics has enhanced our productions and given our students something that will allow them to grow while experiencing success. He is with us from start to finish, making all the necessary adjustments along the way to ensure a great product. Working with Ben has been an amazing experience.

Stephen Howard - Director of Bands, The Ann Richards School, TX

The benefits of choosing a custom show are endless.

Designing a fully customizable show gives you the ability to match everything to the interests and ability level of your students; maximizing on their strengths and choosing a few techniques to master throughout the season can make your group highly competitive! Create a show that will get your band parents and community involved with your program to spur growth!

Your ideas and concepts can go a long way.

We can start the show design process with as little as:

  • A piece of music that you and your students enjoy (i.e. Mozart's Requiem, Ellington’s Caravan).
  • A visual concept (i.e. circles, triangles, spheres).
  • A Storyline (i.e. Poe's The Raven).
  • An intellectual concept (i.e. Darkness to Light)

From which we can formulate an entire production that is effective musically and visually to wow the audience and impress the judges!

Set yourself apart.

Custom musical arrangements also offer the ability to program features that will set you apart from your competitors, such as:

  • A musical difficulty level that matches that of your students.
  • Features the musical strengths of your ensemble.
  • Attacks the musical weaknesses of your ensemble.
  • Create a pacing that keeps your wind/brass players from getting overly fatigued.
  • Featuring soloists of your choosing.
  • Highlights the battery and front ensemble.
  • Customizable writing styles based on your interests.
  • Incorporates auxiliary instruments (i.e. oboe, strings, etc.)

How Do You Want to Proceed?

Either way you go, we'll make sure your students are set up for success.

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