Our Shows Can Be Purchased as Separate 'Books'

This is great for groups who have a few in-house writers, no battery, or some budgetary constraints.


Within Budget

We know that funding is a constant battle and we price our music as affordably as possible. When our clients encounter budgetary constraints we find ways to save.


Variety of Ranges

We’re able to offer a wide range of custom affordability due to the variety of writers on our team.

Fall Marching Shows

All 'Books' Available Separately or as a Package
Predesigned Show

Winds: $600-1000

Front Ensemble: $200-500

Electronics: $100-300

Battery: $400-600

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Custom Show

Winds: $1200-8000

Front Ensemble: $800-1500

Electronics: $500-1500

Battery: $800-1500

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Indoor Winds Shows

Sold as Full Packages
Predesigned Show

Winds with pit: $800-1000

Winds with pit and battery: $1000-1300

Winds with Performance Track: $600-1000

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Custom Show

Winds and Performance Track: $1500+

Winds and pit percussion: $1750+

Winds, pit, and battery: $2000+

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Indoor Percussion Shows

Sweet Beats... In Different Class Levels
Predesigned Show

A Class: $700-900

Open Class: $900-1200

World Class: $1000-1400

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Custom Show

A Class: $1200-3500

Open Class: $1750-5000

World Class: $2500-6000

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Winterguard Shows

High Quality Tracks
Predesigned Track

Track 'as is:' $100-300

Track with Customization: $200+

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Custom Track

Splicing Only: $200-300

Splicing/Production: $300-500

Compose Original: $400-1000

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Customization takes your program to the next level.

Full customization is one of the things that sets bands apart from one another. The most competitive groups in the country are successful because they get fully custom shows; built for their players' strengths and weaknesses, created to reflect the program’s teaching goals and pedagogy, designed around their best performers. If you can’t do fully custom, you can reap the same benefits from customization of a predesigned show. It’s like getting a custom show delivered but at nearly 1/3 the price.

Recraft the Concept and Programming

  • Create a new concept around existing arrangements.
  • Change the show title.
  • Change the repertoire order, pacing, cuts, etc.
  • Replace movements with new arrangements/

Change the arrangement and orchestration

  • Make a show built for a large ensemble, fit your ensemble.
  • Change number of parts/splits (i.e. 3 to 2 trumpet parts, 5 to 4 bass drums, etc.)
  • Change the ranges of specific instrument parts (I.e. lead trumpets stay under written G above staff…).
  • Change overall difficulty or edit specific moments.
  • Change/Create new features/solos.

Hear from Our Clients

The products that we have received have been outstanding. The key element is the detail that both Brad and Ben along with the color guard designer put into making sure that everything is coordinated from both a music and visual design element. They work so closely together to make sure it’s a seamless product and everything works well together. We are now consistently placing at the top of our class at our State Championships and much of this is due to the design of the shows.

James Turner, South Pointe High School. Rock Hill, SC.

Other Services

You name it, we pretty much do it... or know someone who does.

Electronics and Live Sound Consulting

  • Phone support/troubleshooting.
  • one-time system setup/staff or student training.
  • Advice on equipment, mic'ing setup, synth setup, best practices, etc.

Mainstage Files and Synth Setups

Custom MainStage files created for your show with synth/sample consult.

    • 1 keyboard $300
    • 2 keyboards $400
    • 3 keyboards $500

Notation Files with Predesigned Shows

  • Compatible with all major notation software.
  • $100 per movement with your show purchase.

Program Coordination

Someone to help organize your team and keep things on schedule with a varying range of tasks.

  • show concept design
  • flag/prop design
  • coordination of writing team,
  • etc.

Rates are based on responsibilities and time involved ($1500-5000)

Practice Materials

help your students cultivate their practice skills with materials created custom from your music.

  • Smart Music Files
  • Practice Tracks
  • Midi Play-alongs
  • Click Tracks/Drones

More Information

We can get you taken care of or put you in touch with our web of colleagues.