Indoor Winds

Shows Designed for the Arena Lights

Winds in a Gym

The indoor winds activity is beginning to emerge as a new art form in the winter arena. We utilize the most cutting edge design techniques and software to take the production quality of your show to the max.

Designed Effectively

Our Predesigned shows were built around general effect moments to provide a great basis for effective visual design.

Conceptual Ideas Provided

We go one step further than other companies to offer storyboard, costuming, and prop ideas in addition to the music.


Fully Customizable

Let us reconfigure a predesigned show to meet your specific needs. We can change any aspect of a show to make it fit your group.


Effective and Fully Customized

Start a new fully custom show design for the upcoming season or choose a predesigned show for full customization to your specs.

Winds, et al.

Winds, percussion, strings, guitars, battery, ethnic instruments, etc. Any live instrument you need, we can write for it.

Electronics Too

We handle all of your electronics needs as well. Including fully produced 'backing tracks' with timing cues when needed.

Low Pricing

Predesigned shows range only $600-1000 and custom shows are written for $1500-3500. We can work within your budget!

Sample Shows

How Do You Want to Proceed?

Either way you go, we'll make sure your students are setup for success.