Music inspired by:

  • "Wild Nights" from "Harmonium by John Adams
  • "Rest" by Frank Ticheli
  • Original Music by Ben Hylton

All copyrighted material must be properly licensed before use.

“#Conquer” examines the journey one embarks upon to build the motivation and
dedication that is needed to achieve personal dreams and for groups to come
together as a team. Through the use of character narration, which can be rerecorded
by your own students for a deeply personal production, this show tells a
detailed story about struggle, building confidence, facing your fears, and other
motivational themes that connect well with audiences and provide a deeper
emotional response than a purely intellectual show.

This show is great for directors who strive to foster a deeper level of motivation
and team building within their programs. Teaching students life skills through
the performance of this production can jumpstart your program, teaching your
students to work together and motivate themselves to achieve their dreams by
conquering their demons.

Reduced Instrumentation Scores Available