Music inspired by:

  • Blood Theme from Dexter by Daniel Licht
  • Ballad of Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim
  • Psycho by Bernard Herrmann
  • Creep by Radiohead

All copyrighted material must be properly licensed before use.

A medium difficulty show with a dark psychological vibe. Depraved themes from Sweeney Todd, Psycho, and Dexter meet a moment of sympathy in Radiohead’s Creep. Great for bands of all sizes and ability levels, utilize a custom reorchestration to make this show the perfect vehicle for your group’s competitive level.

The preshow vamp sets the wicked scene inside the asylum along with sound effect “glitches” and whispers of the voices in our head. Space is left for battery phrases with choreography as the movement agitates to a start. As the vamp fades out the unnerving Sweeney Todd crashes in creating a riotous hit. Guard performers can don straight jackets for the show introduction and finally escape from them on the final chords of this movement.

Next, we transition with Dexter’s blood theme to the opening of Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho Suite, a piece that perfectly exemplifies the nature of our concept; unnerving melodic fragments built into woodwind features and sharp hits from the brass that create great moments for choreography and staging options. The iconic stabbing scene finishes out this ravaging piece.

As the crash fades from the previous movement, the mallets enter with a surreal hopefulness portrayed in Creep by Radiohead. A wind soloist speaks to us as an outsider, never feeling welcome as woodwind and brass sections accompany and then leave him alone once again only to erupt in a fit of rage. The climax phrase then leads us to a rock groove section and ends in hope, yet again taken by our soloist back to a feeling of loneliness.

Movement IV begins with agitation that builds to hysteria with concerned maestoso phrases and irrational sound effects. The voices in our head return as the battery is left a moment of chaos and the opening statement from Sweeney Todd reappears constantly changing tempo as we are driven to the end of this unhinged production.

Reduced Instrumentation Scores Available