Music inspired by:

  • Apollo 13 Soundtrack by James Horner
  • The Planets by Gustav Holst
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness Theme by Michael Giacchino

All copyrighted material must be properly licensed before use.

Exploring the American venture of space from the beginnings of NASA to
exploring outside of our solar system in the future. This show has a slightly
patriotic mood and combines well-known classical themes with driving
contemporary music. The visual package walks the spectators through a familiar
story – the desire to investigate what we see each night in the sky. Tell the
inspiring story of American space exploration with this medium difficulty show that melds together the tasteful use of narrative samples with breathtaking solo
moments and exciting climax points.

Movement 1 begins with an intriguing preshow and introduction formed with
John F. Kennedy’s famous speech. A distant trumpet duet brings us to a patriotic
and expansive maestoso climax giving way to driving 5/4 section. Voice overs are
timed to fit into phrases between melodic material keeping the music design
focused. This section culminates in a liftoff sequence that can utilize props and is
sure to get the audience on their feet. After the liftoff, A brass duet gives us the
feeling of floating in zero gravity before driving to a energetic finish.

The ballad transition steers us deeper into space as the ensemble forms our solar
system on the field with members of the guard present colored orbs for each
planet which orbit around the field. Holst’s musical themes from “The Planets”
are woven together as brass and woodwind section features finally giving way to
the Jupiter Chorale. After a tender woodwind duet, a beautiful quote leads to a
triumphant climax.

Transitioning from this moment we run into mechanical failure with a frenzied
soundscape and percussion feature which drives us into darkness!

Reduced Instrumentation Scores Available