Music inspired by:

  • Heist 01 by Ben Hylton
  • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend by Raines/Findley
  • Diamonds by Rihanna
  • Palladio by Karl Jenkins

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Diamonds are classic, complex, sophisticated, sharp, cold, pure, and perfect. Explore all sides of a diamond in this dramatic revue.

Music inspired by jazzy film noir heists sets the scene as electronic vocal samples bring a dark sophistication to the music package. The ballad is a really fun production number involving lots of character staging - a tango version of 'Diamonds are a girls best Friend' allows a sassy and empowering mood. The closer is a mashup of the Rihanna tune and Palladio which was made mainstream by the DeBeers Diamond company commercials.

Completed Front Ensemble, Battery, and Electronics coming soon!

Reduced Instrumentation Scores Available