Music inspired by:

  • Symphony No. 9 "New World" by Antonin Dvorak
  • Pure Imagination by Bricusse and Newley
  • Original music by Ben Hylton

All copyrighted material must be properly licensed before use.

The Genesis Engine is unveiled as the answer to all the world's problems. Hunger, Disease, Pollution, the world as we know it could be changed forever. The engine's Artificial Intelligence begins by solving hunger, and eradicating disease only to begin changing human band members in to "genetically modified humans." The AI continues to gain power throughout the show by way of her GMH's, who can be donned with LED lights. The hornline splits into 2 entities by the closer and the GMH's finally overtake the humans by force.

This show comes with a complete conceptual document outlining effect moments and prop ideas for the full production.

Reduced Instrumentation Scores Available