Music inspired by:

  • Bolero by Maurice Ravel
  • Espana Cani by Pascual Marquina Narro
  • Romance Anomino (Traditional)
  • Leyenda (Traditional)

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Fantasia Espanola explores the passion and intensity of the Spanish mainland and traditional Flamenco music. From this structured, yet highly expressive, dance form to the sights and sounds of early, traditional Spanish music, this rich and storied culture will come to life on the football field. Spanish music has always translated well to marching band. And this production takes things to the next level with its clever arrangements and use of an expanded sound palate—including nylon-string guitar and layers of Latin percussion and rhythmic clapping.

Movement 1 begins with the familiar and pulsating rhythms of Bolero. As the percussion layers in, a woodwind solo (or duet) delicately soars over the ensemble with the melody. The winds take over and the introduction culminates in a huge, climactic hit section. The familiar sound of classical/Flamenco guitar strumming set up the transition into España Cañi. Your students will enjoy performing this opener. It’s aggressive and exciting.

A brief transition sets up the ballad nicely with rhythmic Latin percussion and more guitar strumming. The flute soloist enters with the hauntingly beautiful melody from Romance Anonimo. After the woodwind ensemble takes over, we’re treated to a powerful and musical climax from the entire ensemble. All layered over traditional Flamenco-style drumming—with a flute solo cadenza at the end to top it all off.

Another percussion transition leads into a brass solo/duet with the famous bullfighter call. From here, the closer kicks in and furiously drives to the end con fuego (with fire). A quick quote of Bolero from the percussion sets up the final push.

Reduced Instrumentation Scores Available